Moving Mountains Product Shot Breakdown

However, I thought I’d do a more in depth abs technical breakdown here though to delve more into the craft than the outcomes:

This was the most important shot of the commercial as the whole point in us being there was to sell more burgers, to really get the audience salivating and wanting to reach out to grab the burger. Key here was to make the burger look as tasty, 3D and ‘poppy’ as possible.

I started with an Aputure 300D with Light Dome over and to the left as a key, close so its soft and wrappy. This supplemented the natural light from the window and allows a good level of control of the natural light changed.

Next up an Aputure 120d with fresnel lens as a backlight, I shaped this with a flag so it gives the hard cut across the table on the right but it also rims the image and helps pop the burger from the background.

I had some fill from camera right as a couple of Lupo Lux fresnels bounced into 2 poly boards. The fall off from the aputure leading to this light creates 3 tonal zones on the front of the burger, exaggerating its roundness and helping it pop of the screen as though you could pick it up.

Finally a couple of Aputure MCs on the table, nice and close, this added highlights in the fruit and veg giving it a lovly sheen and adding futher snaps, texture and pop.All in all we were really happy with how this shot turned out.Got another of these ready to go, if you like have any feedback on the breakdown/format let me know as I may do some more going forward.

With all the additional light the background started dipping below the exposure I wanted so I brought in a Kino Flo 4 bank which gives a lovely natural wash of ‘daylight’ across the kitchen workspace behind them.

Shot -> BTS -> Lighting Plan

Using Format